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Cover Letter Tips for Chico Job Seekers

When you apply for jobs in Chico, you need to get a cover letter written as soon as you get your resume up to speed. Though it isn’t always given much thought or effort these days, they are still an important asset to the job application. In fact, a powerful, well written letter can be a huge difference maker. Here are some solid cover letter tips, courtesy of Seth Porges of Forbes:

1. Don’t repeat your resume: information regarding your work experience, education and references has already been stated in your resume, so there is no need to say it all again in the letter. Whenever you start delving into the aforementioned details without realizing, remember that the cover letter is about you, not your employment history.

2. Keep it short: cover letters should never exceed a page. In fact, the average cover letter can be written in just three paragraphs and still contain all of the relevant information. If you are having trouble keeping your letter short, following step one will probably help.

3. Address no one: often times applicants will not be aware of whom to address in their letter. If you are ignorant as to whom exactly will be reading your letter, don’t bother addressing anyone at all; jumping right into the body of the letter is acceptable.

4. Don’t use this phrase: “My name is ______, and I am applying for the position of _____.” The company already knows that.

5. End strong: the letter should end with two or three strong closing statements reiterating your qualification. Don’t write anything else after this.

By Kyle Wise

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