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What to Avoid in Chico Job Interviews

We typically associate the prep work of the job interview being carried out solely by the candidate, but what many people don’t realize is that the people running the interviews have responsibilities as well. So when the time comes to interview candidates for jobs in Chico, here are some things you should avoid in the interview, courtesy of CBS Money Watch:

1. Don’t talk too much: the interview is about the candidate, not you. Having a conversation is fine, but try to keep your part to a minimum. If you dominate the conversation, you won’t learn much about the candidate

2. Avoid the Halo/Horns Effect: the Halo/Horns Effect is when a candidate makes an incredibly strong (halo) or lousy (horns) impression on you that instantly sways your judgment. First impressions don’t make or break the candidate, so pay attention to their performance for the rest of the interview.

3. Don’t conduct short interviews: multiple interviews in a single week (or day) eats up a lot of your schedule. It might make sense to you to run them as short as possible, but you won’t get much material for an assessment. The ideal time frame for an interview should be 45 minutes to an hour.

4. Don’t rate candidates against each other: all of the candidates you interviewed should be evaluated off of a set criteria. Comparing them against one another is easy but counter-productive; using your own standards will ensure a more impartial process.

By Kyle Wise

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