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What to Look for in Chico Resumes

Filtering out unsuitable resumes is a fairly easy task to learn. Knowing how to spot quality resumes takes a little more time to learn. There are a few useful things you need to know to find the winning candidates applying for jobs in Chico. Here are some key points to keep an eye out for when the time comes to narrow down the candidate search:

1. A customized cover letter: if a candidate is disciplined enough to submit a customized cover letter along with his resume, then he or she is already showing promise. Look for a candidate who specifically addresses the needs of your company and the duties of the position in his or her cover letter.

2. Relevant work experience: this should be the first and most obvious thing you look for. This will narrow down the candidate list considerably.

3. Related work experience: don’t immediately dismiss candidates with job experience that is similar to, though not the same as the job they are applying for. Someone with a lot of experience handling phone calls can and should still be considered for a customer support position.

By Kyle Wise

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