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Resume Tips for Chico Job Seekers

Before you even apply for Chico jobs, you made a resume. But before you submit it, you need to give it a thorough review. No two resumes will or should be the same, but there are some basic steps that each one should follow. So when you need to write, rewrite, or edit your resume, try to keep these pointers, courtesy of Daniel Scocco at Daily Writing Tips, in mind:

1. Have someone else proofread your resume: Always have another pair of eyes take a look at whatever piece of writing you are producing. Try as we might, we just can’t pick up on all of our mistakes. Getting a second or third opinion can help immensely.

2. Tailor each resume specifically for the job you are applying for: having just one generalized resume for every job application will reduce the amount of time you spend writing and editing, but it also reduces your chances of landing that interview. Customize each job application for the position.

3. Not all work experience is relevant or required: this tip is very easy to apply. If you are applying for a job at a restaurant, your resume should list any work experience you had relating to that field; there’s no need to include that time you worked at a movie theater or a retail outlet.

4. Use the right keywords: digital databases are becoming more prevalent for candidate searching, so mastering the usage of key words is vital to showing up on companies’ radars. Job descriptions and job ads are the best sources to find out which words suit your resume.

By Kyle Wise

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