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Strategies for Chico Career Fairs

While you are searching for Chico jobs, you want to be aware of as many opportunities as possible. Attending a career fair is a great way to become aware of openings, network, and meet with recruiters face-to-face. Career fairs, however, require their own level of strategy and planning, so here are the steps you should follow when you pay a visit to one.

1. Research the career fair: do yourself a favor and check what companies are being represented at the fair. This way, you will know what companies you want to check out and which ones to not bother with. If there are some companies that you think are suitable, find out as much about them as you can, and prioritize which representatives you want to speak with.

2. Dress and act professionally: The Wall Street Journal recommends treating the career fair like a job interview. Dress in business attire and briefly put yourself through interview preparation. It is not uncommon for recruiters to put you through a proto-interview when you talk to them, so preparing now will help you out greatly later.

3. Don’t be shy: it can be intimidating to talk to new people, especially people who could have sway over your career. If you are prone to that anxiety, it is important to overcome that fear. The point of career fairs is to talk to recruiters and network, and not talking to anyone isn’t going to accomplish anything.

By Kyle Wise

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