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Basic Job Hunting Tips for Beginners

Job searching can be extremely difficult for novices; there are a number of ways to go about doing it, and detailing all of them would require a book-length article. When you are applying for Chico jobs, here are some very basic tips that will at least get you started. If you stick with these, your job searching process will be a whole lot simpler.

1. Use connections: family members and friends or even friends of friends can be beneficial to your job search. It doesnÂ’t hurt to ask around. Someone may know someone who has an opening available. They could also help you become aware of openings that might not be advertised, as is often the case with some businesses.

2. Know your skills: reflect on your past experiences and try to find something from them that could make you more marketable. This need not apply to past jobs; any volunteer or extracurricular activities in your past could give your resume a boost, and if you have little to no prior work experience, including these things is essential.

3. Make finding a job your full time job: this is a lot simpler than it sounds. If you are in a dry spell during your job search, simply make job searching your primary day-to-day activity. Set yourself a goal of putting in a certain number of job applications a day. Job searching is a numbers game. Your chances of at least landing an interview are much higher if you put out 20 resumes as opposed to five.

By Kyle Wise

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