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  Bowlmor AMF      Chico,CA  

Our Janitors/Porters do more than just push a broom—they own the process of sanitizing the center and making them sparkle. We strive to provide best-in-class entertainment at our locations, and we want our guests to experience that level of service every time they visit. That’s why we need talented professionals like you to join our Clean Team and take the lead on a host of duties—from emptying trash and sanitizing all kitchen surfaces/bar areas to keeping those bars stocked with glassware, replenishing our bar cooler(s), and changing out products (like empty beer kegs) as needed. You’ll also vacuum/wax/dust/mop like a pro—all towards making your center a shining example of cleanliness.

Our centers feature full-service kitchens that generate a ton of dirty dishes every single day. That’s why we need dedicated Dishwashers to help us clean and restock those dishes so that they’re always available for our guests. As a dishwasher, you’ll collect and sanitize dishes (and utensils) in addition to cleaning kitchen equipment like grills, ovens, griddles, and prep surfaces. You’ll also operate our automatic dishwasher—loading it with soaps, monitoring its temperature, and reporting any breakdowns. (On occasion, you may also have to roll up your sleeves and clean dishes the old-fashioned way—by hand.) Sure, it’s a dirty job—and we need somebody amazing to do it. Is that you?

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